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in hell i sleep

because hell is the only truth

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Name:Lips of Deceit (I no longer love your lies)
Birthdate:Nov 8
Location:Hamilton, Canada

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(//_-) emo hurr, *\o/*, /o\, \o/, a flower underground, allergic to beeeees, angst/glory/light, anhedonia, ass bangin' bass, bamboo parachute, bandsex picspam, beeraoke, beers of war, being expendable, being the filling, bitterness, black swan of tuonela, blackened fingers, blaze of glory, blazing corpse, bob friggin' bryar, bound for forgiveness, brimborium, bullets and brushes, cephalopods, chai tea, chi cheng's poetry, chino moreno, cigarettes, cuntpunting, cynicism, dead!, death by plane, deep in the darkness, deftones, demonsworld, depeche mode, devils and dust, distance, don't blow your top, drewwwwww!, embracing the inner redneck, fearless, frank iero, frank iero's stupid tattoos, gears of war, guts, heart, heartkoor, hello+there!+how+are+you?, how it ends, how the gods kill, john lowery, journey, kid morbid, kmfdm, l4d campaigns, lips of deceit, love is vengeance, lovecraftian madness, mars volta, massive coffee addiction, mental state of unrest, mike patton, misery machines, more frank iero, ms cisgendered, my chem, mythmakers, nazi zombies, needles, no escape/no surrender, not a big deal, o t motherfuckin' p, p! boys, panic juice, panicking without punctuation, people are strange, perfectly flatironed hair, platinum grills, puscifer, queen b (beeeeees), renholder, revolutionaries, riders on the storm, robert downey jr, ruthless, saving ryan's privates, self-abusive recluse, sepultura, sinners and saints, sleep deprivation, snack-attack!, snakebite piercings, sober and disorderly, spankwich, spencer fucking smith omg, spencer's precious wookie face, spleen, team 2ws, team dinc, team sleep, teething, terror tactics, the aftermath, the end of life, the last sunrise, the red queen, the word australopithecus, the word diplodocus, the zed-word, thomas ferrrrrking dekker, unixcorns r 4 realz, v is for vagina, vajayjay, vnv nation, waywich, we the kings, wir sind den helden, you smug fuck, zacky vee, zero punctuation, zombiepocalypse, ¯\(º_o)/¯,
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